Nightclubs in Galway City are opened almost every night to enjoy some dancing and relaxing with friends

                                 Carbon   (9-21 Eglinton Street)                                                                                               Karma   (Eyre Square)                                                                                                              Electric Garden  (Abbeygate Street)

And an endless amount of pubs and bars

                                 Skeff – wouldn’t suggest ordering food, way over priced and not that good but the cocktails make up for it (Eyre Square)                                                                                                  Townhouse – lovely in the summer with tables outside and BBQ, a range of fancy beers and music at the weekends. (6/7 Quay Lane, Spanish Parade )                                             Salthouse – lovely atmosphere and fun games like Jenga available that you can play with old and new friends. Open fire for the cold days and a lot of international beer. (Ravens Terrace)                                                                                                                        Stock Exchange/Coyotes – stylish bars with two levels where Stock Exchange on one and Coyotes on the other. Enjoy some on top of bar dancing on some special nights. (34 Shop Street)                                                                                                                                Busker Browne’s – a big and modern bar serving great food and drink (Cross Street Upper)                                                                                                                                       The Quays – live music and great people (11 Quay Street)                                                   The King’s Head – on three floors you can catch the important football or rugby game and enjoy free live music every day of the week (15 High Street)




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