* A favourite place for lunch Finnegan’s Traditional Irish Food. Delicious chicken goujons is only one thing form the great menu. Be careful where you sit some tables can be a bit cramped! (2 Market Street)

*There are great pizza places in Galway and these are just a few of them:                                                        Napoli pizza pasta – can get a slice or a whole pizza. It is a take away but there are places to sit inside (not many). Also offers house wine and beer (15 Cross street)                                                                                                                                                                   Mizzoni’s – take away (40 Eyre Square)                                                                                 Milano – a restaurant rather than a take away type of place (Middle St Galway )

*The best kebab house in Galway! Capital Turkish kebab offer great tasting kebabs as well as chicken bites and burgers. The best part is the thin bread with a sauce of choice (3 Eglinton Street)

*Da Robertas an Italian restaurant. The chicken dishes and pasta dishes are just amazing!  (169 Upper Salthill)

*Elles Cafe. Order some tasty bagels and a healthy smoothie or fresh juices on the side. 15% Student Discount! (Left side of Shop street)

*Huge selection of yummy cupcakes at Sweetie Pies. So colourful and deliciously amazing (Middle Street)

*Take yourself to the far away land of Mexico and try out La Salsa (6 Mainguard St)

*The lovely Jungle Cafe is like you are entering another land for a cup of coffee among plants and interesting art. (29 Forster Str.)

*If you love delicious crepes you should definitely pay a visit to Java’s. the best thing is it stays open until about midnight if you ever need a tasty late snack. Just watch out where you pick your seat some tables are a bit uncomfortable for the bum. (17 Upper Abbeygate Str.)

*Another nice cafe is Cafe Express on Eyre Square but be careful with ordering hot chocolate it’s awful! (32 Eyre Square)

Some useful sites for take aways and to give you an idea for dinner if you’re all out:

                                                Just-Eat                                                                                                                                   What’s For Dinner


Java's coffee



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